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Baru je abih bace semalam. Baca sikit2 sebelum tidur, sampai le mate ngantuk. Ni salah satu buku yang aku beli online, kat debook room.

**Do not proceed to read below review if you do not read/finish read this book.

“The story begin when Libby(Liberty) and her husband, Jack Britcham involved in car accident. Libby was terribly injured in that accident, when the airbag on her side was unable to deploy. While Jack only got minor injuries. Libby is the second wife of Jack. Jack’s first wife was Eve. Eve is dead. The policewomen that investigated Eve’s death, suspected that Jack had been involved in Eve’s death. The same policewomen investigated the car crash and she suspected that the car crash wasn’t an accident.

During Libby recovery, she discovers Eve’s diaries. Libby become obsessed with Eve’s death and she did think that Jack killed his first wife.

Eve was a prostitute before she met Jack. Caesar, which is also Jack’s father (his real name is Hector) was a pimp to Eve! OMG! Hector asks Eve to not  tell Jack about what was happened between Hector and Eve. He did sent some thugs to give message to Eve to leave Jack.

Hector also trying to blackmail Libby when she told him that she have Eve’s diaries.

Libby then thinking to tell the truth about Eve and Hector to Jack. At that time, their marriage is on the rock. But the night when Libby decide to tell everything to Jack, something happen. Hector got severe heart attack.

Apparently Jack’s mother, Harriet knew what was her husband doing during all these time; with prostitutes, with Jack (Hector ask Jack to ‘do it’ with prostitute on his 15th birthday). She gave Hector a ‘pill’ which gave Hector heart attack (silent killer la ni..hee).

In the end, Libby and Jack realize how much they loves each other. And they live happily ever after..THE END..heee~ (macam buku cite bebudak plak kan penutup entri ni)”

*Kat umah, ade 2 buku lagi, eh 3 buku lagi yang aku belum baca, buku My Best Friend’s Girl (Dorothy Koomson jugak), Plain Truth (Jodi Picoult- beli kat kedai buku secondhand kt amcorp mall, murah gile..rm12 aje!) dengan buku cite melayu, Saya Muslim Awak Iman..